We offer the highest success rate and best trophy quality in the outdoor and big-game hunting arena. Whether you’re looking for the best in trophy Whitetail, Mule Deer, Elk or Black Bear hunting, whether you prefer fair chase or hunting preserve, you may rely upon our expeditions to produce the opportunity for a memorable experience and trophy of a lifetime.

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If you can find any competing hunting opportunities with comparable success rates, trophy quality and pricing, we encourage you to book with that competitor! We believe that after you compare, you’ll choose us…please view our trophy photo gallery and contact some of our references.

Upcoming Black Bear Hunt

This is one of the best Spring Black Bear hunts in North America becauses of the absence of hunting pressure and the bounty of exceptionally-large, trophy quality boars, many of which are color phase boars.

Northern Louisiana Whitetail Hunt

An Executive Hunt for trophy whitetail bucks on a 400 acre preserve just a few minutes south of Shreveport, LA. Hunts run from Friday afternoon through sunset on Sunday, offering five premium hunts.